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Radio Alerts from Avigilon

ComSource stands out from other video surveillance distributors and integrators thanks to our ability to create interoperable solutions out of disparate operating systems. Radio Alerts is a proprietary technology from Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions Company that integrates video surveillance analytics with two-way radio voice or text solutions into a seamless, interoperable solution that sends instantaneous alerts over your two-way radios.

Avigilon Radio Alert Solution integrates the video system’s management software with two-way radios so users can receive and acknowledge Avigilon Control Center (ACC™) alarms from their MOTOTRBO radios. Any actionable ACC™ alarm or event can generate an alert on the MOTOTRBO radio, including breached doorways, unauthorized access, license plate recognition matches, and access control events.

These events are dispatched directly to radios via text message and/or text-to-voice alerts, notifying security operators to take appropriate action. This solution allows security personnel to respond immediately and proactively and no longer requires personnel to be tethered to surveillance monitors.
Download the Avigilon Radio Alert Data Sheet