Video has gone viral in school districts across the United States.

Nearly 9 out of 10 districts—a notable increase over the past two years—report that the most used technology in their schools is video security equipment, according to the Motorola Solutions 2021 K-12 Education Industry Survey. Likewise, “protecting students, staff and visitors with safety features” was the top priority for schools surveyed. More than 900 administrators, educators, IT staff and security personnel, among others, shared their priorities, concerns and interests for the school year to come in the recent survey.

The Safe School Ecosystem

While two-way radios and intercom systems remain high on schools’ technology lists, video security equipment jumped to the head of the class for the first time in 2021 as more campuses and buses opt for video surveillance.

To that end, the Safe School ecosystem from Motorola Solutions combines voice, video, software and services to equip schools to respond to everyday emergencies while also helping them prevent situations before they develop further. Next-generation school safety is designed to help schools detect, analyze, communicate and respond to any threat.

Video surveillance can include high-definition cameras, cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) search engine with self-learning analytics, and interoperability features that bolster safety efforts. The latest state-of-the-art video technology delivers up-to-the-moment video and analytics with an eye towards safety and clarity. Additional functionality allows pre-programmed video alarms that detect unusual activity to trigger audio and/or text alerts to two-way radios based on the video system’s capability.

Ultimately, the Safe School ecosystem makes it easier to detect who is coming to school, analyze on-campus activities, instantly communicate across the teams, and provide a quick and informed first response.

Get a clearer picture with video

If your school district or campus is looking to upgrade your video surveillance and security, ComSource connects with schools and educators with the latest technology and reliable service. We would be happy to discuss video options for your school and to help you create a clear picture of the year to come and a safer experience for students, staff and visitors alike

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