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Law Enforcement In-Car Video: WatchGuard 4RE

Today’s public safety agencies depend on reliable video-capture systems to keep officers safe, support evidence capture and provide full transparency. At ComSource, we are pleased to offer the WatchGuard 4RE® In-Car Video Camera System, the most trusted and deployed law enforcement in-car video system on the market.

When officers are on patrol, the situation can escalate from routine to life-threatening in seconds. The WatchGuard 4RE® In-Car Video Camera System allows officers to capture every incident and record every encounter.

When integrating or pairing the Watchguard 4RE® system with V300 body-worn camera, officers can capture vital video evidence from multiple vantage points, maintaining the highest level of integrity and value of all recorded footage.

By utilizing the 4RE’s intuitive user interface, video footage can be uploaded to the system’s evidence library without returning to headquarters, guaranteeing that evidential footage is available when it’s needed most.


  • Initiate full system recording when any camera is activated or triggered
  • Upload evidence to Evidence Library automatically without returning to HQ
  • Synchronize recording and playback of video and audio evidence from multiple cameras/viewpoints
  • Obtain a panoramic view in front of vehicle
  • Capture a third-person perspective to complement body-worn footage
  • Use Record-After-the-Fact to ensure evidential footage is not missed

4RE Camera Options:

4RE Panoramic X2: This is a two-in-one camera with the 68° primary HD camera focused on capturing highly detailed footage in front of the vehicle, and the HD Panoramic Strip camera provides additional pillar-to-pillar video recording.

In addition to the Panoramic X2, the following cameras are available with the 4RE system to provide a 360-degree view around police vehicles.

HD Mini Zoom Camera

  • 57° max field of view
  • 12X optical zoom
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • U-WDR 720p

Zero Sight-Line Camera

  • 68° field of view
  • 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
  • Zero visual obstruction
  • U-WDR 720p

Infrared Cabin Camera

  • 90° field of view
  • Built-in infrared illumination
  • Standard resolution color CCD

Side/Rear-Facing Camera

  • 74° field of view
  • Sony Super HAD color CCD

The WatchGuard 4RE® In-Car Video Camera System from Motorola Solutions is an intuitive video solution, designed to make policing more efficient, streamlined and, ultimately, safer for officers.
Get the whole picture: With multiple camera options, high-security storage and upload, and collaborative integration with WatchGuard V300 body-worn cameras, law enforcement officers can trust the WatchGuard 4RE to be an impartial witness.

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