The ongoing small business labor shortage is a big issue for many companies. Not only are many critical supplies on back order, but more than 60 percent of business owners reported labor shortages in a recent NFIB Small Business Economic Trends report. Lack of labor and supplies, in turn, can lead to both lost sales and missed opportunities.

No industry is immune. Even as businesses have increased wages and benefits, offered more flexible schedules and bolstered paid time off, the labor force is not returning to work as anticipated. If your business would like to increase efficiencies, Motorola two-way radios can help you work smarter and achieve higher levels of productivity.

Two-way radios deliver collective intelligence

The latest digital technology in professional two-way radios delivers value, connectivity and productivity. From push-to-talk applications with remote speaker mics and back-up batteries that allow radios to be used across shifts to more advanced software applications that can include GPS tracking, lone-worker man down, connection with personal smart phones and data options, companies of all sizes can take advantage of a range of two-way radios and options.

Designed for next-generation communication, the latest in two-way radios save time, streamline communications, and help keep employees connected and focused. Two-way radios allow businesses to maximize their entire workforce, no matter how spread out they may be across one or multiple sites. They are compatible with a variety of other systems and are both easy and fast to deploy.

Ideal for industries including distribution, hospitality, education and retail, two-way radios alert team members of issues quickly and efficiently. For instance, two-way radios can help distributors leverage the knowledge and talent of legacy employees when on-boarding new hires. They enable construction crews to check in with contractors and teams to efficiently confirm or respond when questions arise. Two-way radios help restaurants struggling with employee shortages communicate more efficiently, provide better service and turn tables faster. They help retail associates respond quickly to customers’ requests and confirm store inventory from stocking associates. And they help those in the front office connect with employees on the move with a change of plans.

For manufacturers, two-way radios are vital to today’s processing. They support Just in Time delivery, which ensures that materials are provided to the supply line in a timely manner; this serves to reduce downtime and minimize excess inventory in work areas. Likewise, they can prevent downtime and line stoppage—the biggest source of lost revenue for manufacturers. Maintenance teams can quickly and efficiently be radioed to repair line stoppage and retrieve vital parts, translating into significant cost reduction and time savings.

At ComSource, we are proud to serve as a Motorola Solutions Platinum Partner offering a full range of two-way radios and wireless solutions. As we celebrate our 25th year, we continue to support a full range of client needs as we recognize the challenges of evolving during challenging times.

If you need support with enhancing productivity due to ongoing labor shortages, we’d be happy to find the ideal solution to keep your business moving forward.

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