Businesses across all industries and every stretch of the globe have had to re-envision their operational approach in the wake of COVID-19. Communication, security, and safety are imperative now more than ever—both your workforce and the communities and clients you serve are counting on productivity as usual, coupled with a more conscious effort to maintain a safe work environment. Dependable communication is key. Motorola Solutions offers versatile and powerful two-way radio solutions that can increase efficiency, productivity, and safety among work crews in the construction industry. Whether your operation involves general industrial construction or infrastructure projects, or you are an electrical, plumbing, carpentry, or HVAC professional, Motorola has perfectly sized, feature-rich radios to meet your business needs. The following Motorola two-way radios are designed to withstand the challenges of a construction site. This catalog includes intrinsically safe radios that can operate in hazardous environments and rugged radios that can withstand extreme weather conditions.


The Motorola CP Series radios are ideal for small, independent contractors looking to keep their projects on track and coordinate their foremen, subcontractors, or individual tradespeople. This series features the seven essential elements of two-way radio communication: value, reliability, ease of use, audio quality, small size, programmability, and long battery life. Combined with Motorola’s signature rugged design, this is an ultimate and affordable communication tool that’ll keep your crew on track.

  • Clear audio for noisy construction sites: With powerful speakers, audio output penetrates noisy construction sites, providing crisp, clear audio at any volume.
  • Easy to carry and use: With their lightweight and ergonomic design, these radios are comfortable to operate even when wearing gloves.
  • Rugged and durable: CP Series radios are designed to withstand rain and wind, exposure to salt fog, blowing dust on all surfaces, vibration, and extreme temperatures—all of which are elements common to a construction site.
  • Programmable option buttons: Customize your radio with features such as variable power levels, channel scanning, and channel monitoring.
  • Flexible options for range and coverage: CP Series radios are available in 2W UHF and VHF, 4W UHF, and 5W VHF models that offer you the range you need.
  • Flexible battery choices & accessory portfolio: Enjoy a full range of battery choices, along with rapid recharging capabilities that ensure your radios support the long shifts common to construction sites. Enhance your crew’s communication with a variety of audio accessories, carry cases, dispatch tools, and more.


Communication challenges increase exponentially for larger construction operations. With more workers to include on your communication network and a larger site radius to oversee, you absolutely need durable and dependable devices. MOTOTRBO delivers with outstanding range, long-lasting battery life, and total responsiveness.

  • Increased calling capacity on a single license: Two virtual channels within a single 12.5 kHz licensed repeater channel allow you to double the calling capacity for the price of one license, without a second repeater and without interference from nearby radio users.
  • Integrated voice and data: MOTOTRBO portable and mobile radios put the power of voice and data, such as text messaging and GPS, into a single device to make it easy for your construction crew to stay connected and safe.
  • Efficient battery technology: To help control the cost of replacing batteries, Motorola’s state-of-the-art IMPRES technology maximizes talk time throughout the life of the battery. High-capacity battery options ensure that you have a battery that supports long shifts common at a construction site.
  • Capacity Plus: Allows significantly expanded capacity to communicate by voice and access integrated data applications as a unified work team, further ensuring increased productivity, efficiency, and work safety. MOTOTRBO systems are designed to easily scale with your organization.


Operations that span multiple sites across your community require a robust, broad communication network that’ll cover every team member, guaranteed. You can connect your entire construction crew anywhere and on any device with WAVE: a single communication solution and a cost-effective, productive, and safer alternative to cell phones that meets everyone’s needs.

  • Nationwide push-to-talk: Increase productivity with a nationwide push-to-talk network that powers the quickest push-to-talk setup and call times.
  • Easy to use and manage: Communicate instantly and manage your business effortlessly by handling talk groups and subscriptions in real time.
  • Mobile-friendly app: Transform your smartphone into a PTT device for instant, accessible communication at the push of a button.
  • Web-based dispatching: Centralize communication anywhere—login from any PC and get the latest features with no software to install or maintain.


Powered by leading technology, Motorola two-way radios and accessories are ready to help you respond to the everyday challenges of a construction operation by increasing your efficiency, lowering your costs, and keeping you safe. To learn more about communication solutions for construction, please visit our industry page.

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