From supporting political conventions and polling stations to alumni events, manufacturing turn-arounds, holiday celebrations and 5K races, the last two months of the year can be action-packed with activity and events. If your company is preparing to stage an upcoming event, ComSource offers an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes: RENTALS.

Renting two-way radios, remote speaker mics and other accessories offers flexibility and the opportunity to test drive solutions prior to a purchase. Likewise, hiring continues to be a challenge for businesses across industries, so many companies are realizing the value of two-way radios to connect new workers with tenured staff to share best practices, enhance safety and eliminate the sharing of devices during the COVID era.

Here are some of the innovative ways companies are renting two-way radios to support both everyday operations and special events:

Manufacturers have increased the use of rentals to manage COVID-related restrictions. Manufacturers are now utilizing more two-way radios than ever to support social distancing and eliminate the sharing of devices and accessories to reduce the spread of germs.

They are also seeking more temporary communication solutions to support workforce fluctuations. Finally, long-term radio rentals are filling a need for manufacturers as they wait for back-ordered connectivity solutions.

Restaurants are using rented radios to bolster customer service. As restaurants across the state continue to face serious staffing shortages, they are turning to two-way radios to keep operations running smoothly, increase efficiencies and ensure that their diners leave happy. When restaurants are short-staffed, rental radios make it easier for the kitchen to communicate with servers, and they help staff turn tables and communicate with the host.

Production companies are reporting an uptick in demand to support location shooting. Radio rentals are ideal for on-location productions of all sizes. TV and film crews are opting for rentals to support their needs on-site and across wide areas. With ComSource’s Michigan TRBO Network, we can keep crews connected with cost effective push-to-talk radios across the city or across the state. Rentals make it easy for production companies to set up and take down on a moment’s notice and make it easier for everyone in the production to stay connected.

For nearly 25 years, ComSource has offered a full-service rental business with an extensive inventory of push-to-talk devices and accessories for both short- and long-term rental events. Our rental services include consultation about your event or business need, assessment of the coverage area, assigning nationally FCC-licensed frequencies as required, and determining the best devices and options—including ample charging stations—to help make your event a genuine success or your workplace run more smoothly.

In a nutshell, renting two-way radios from ComSource can create efficiencies, reduce costs and increase worker safety across organizations. Let us know if we can provide rental radios and accessories for your next special event.

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