At the foundation of any enterprise’s mission, purpose and objective for success, is efficiency, productivity and the safety of your employees and assets.

At ComSource our mission is to help you build on this foundation through an integrated ecosystem of the latest safety voice, video, data and analytic end-to-end solutions

With this objective in mind, ComSource is pleased to announce our recent certification from Motorola Solutions as a Safety Reimagined Partner.

As a Safety Reimagined Partner, you can trust that you are working with a partner vigorously trained, certified and focused on deploying an ecosystem of solutions that can create interoperability between voice, data, video security and analytics into one integrated platform to enable individuals’, businesses, and communities to work together in more powerful ways.


As a select Safety Reimagined Badged Partner from Motorola Solutions you can be assured that ComSource has completed an extensive program of training, in-field applications, as well as sales and technical competency to deliver an integrated ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics that provide the safety and efficiency necessary for your organization.

Knowledgeable Resource

ComSource has an intimate knowledge of the entire Motorola Solutions unified ecosystem of solutions from end-to-end. As your single point of contact with a deep understanding of Motorola Solutions two-way radio systems and devices, Avigilon video surveillance and access control solutions, to software applications such as radio alerts and cloud-based interface tools that integrate our technology, ComSource can serve as the single point of contact. We are fully capable to help you navigate and support the design, installation and maintenance of your entire safety reimagined ecosystem.

A Trusted Advisor

As your trusted advisor we possess extensive experience and industry know-how to design and engineer your individualized solutions ecosystem roadmap, all based upon your organization’s unique budget, time-line and requirements.

Long-Term Cost Savings

At ComSource we are committed to helping you achieve a manageable and strategic TCO of your system with a long-term view. By investing with a partner who understands the specific circumstances of your organization and the interoperability of the entire voice, video, data and analytic solution you avoid having to coordinate the efforts of multiple vendors, disparate technologies and divergent technology roadmaps.

Expert Deployment and Support

Our mission is to support our partnership for the total life-cycle of the Safety Reimagined Ecosystem. From the systems design, installation and annual operation and maintenance, ComSource will be focused on ensuring the successful deployment and on-going support for your technology Safety Reimagined ecosystem.

Understanding YOUR Solutions

The Safety Reimagined Ecosystem is not an off-the-shelf product, where one size fits all. We understand that your challenges are unique and will require a variety of diverse applications and integrated technologies to best address the safety and security issues that enterprises and communities may face. As a certified Safety Reimagined Partner, we have a deep understanding of the common security and efficiency

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