Construction Industry Communication Solutions

Top Motorola Radios & Products for Construction Communication

Businesses across all industries and every stretch of the globe have had to re-envision their operational approach in the wake of COVID-19. Communication, security, and safety are imperative now more than ever—both your workforce and the communities and clients you serve are counting on productivity as usual, coupled with a more conscious effort to maintain a safe work environment. Dependable communication is key. Motorola Solutions offers versatile and powerful two-way radio solutions that can increase efficiency, productivity, and safety among work crews in the construction industry. Whether your operation involves general industrial construction or infrastructure projects, or you are an electrical, plumbing, carpentry, or HVAC professional, Motorola has perfectly sized, feature-rich radios to meet your business needs. The following Motorola two-way radios are designed to withstand the challenges of a construction site. This catalog includes intrinsically safe radios that can operate in hazardous environments and rugged radios that can withstand extreme weather conditions.

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Motorola Safe X Solutions

Technology For A Safer World

Motorola Solutions has created the first and only end-to-end enterprise technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on a single platform — providing you with the foundation of safety you need by addressing the unique challenges of your airport, hospital, school, and stadium. They have also reimagined how the technologies used to help keep them safe, can do even more — drive efficiencies, improve productivity and generate better outcomes. Because safety, efficiency and productivity are deeply interconnected. With the right technologies, you can be faster, smarter, more focused and more resilient — better at everything you do.

Detect, Analyze, Communicate, Respond

Because when technologies communicate and learn from each other, safety and performance improve across your entire enterprise. Intelligence advances outwards, giving you eyes and ears where you’ve never had them before. Information flows where it’s needed — from cameras, to radios, to smart devices, to command centers — and what you need to know is made clear. People collaborate in more personalized and productive ways, using any network or device they want. Fairness and accuracy replace biases and blindspots. Resiliency increases and decisions improve.

Safe Airports
The Intersection of Technology and Transportation

Safe Hospitals
Leading Edge Technologies for Hospitals on the Leading Edge

Safe Schools
Next Generation Safety for The Next Generation

Safe Stadiums
Keep Up with The Speed of Technology on One Unified Platform

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WAVE PTX Streaming Video

View Events And Activities As They Happen

How many times has someone said, “if they could only see what I see” when trying to convey verbally to another person what’s going on around them? That’s because using words to paint a mental image of what’s happening at that moment can be a frustrating and time consuming experience.

Whether someone is a shopping mall security guard watching a food fight grow, an HVAC technician experiencing problems with a new install procedure or an EMT dealing with a critical patient, the ability to stream video in real time is the key to increasing the speed and clarity of their communications.

Compliant with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Mission Critical Video (MCVideo) standard, WAVE PTX Streaming Video makes it possible for users to push live video to individuals, groups, or dispatchers. The result is increased situational awareness for dispatchers, supervisors, and other recipients because they have a real-time view of events and activities as they happen.

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Nitro Distance Learning Solution

Keep Students And Staff Connected Outside School

Did you know that we can also keep your students and staff connected off-campus? Whether schools are practicing hybrid learning, modified on-campus learning, or distance learning this school year, ensure a reliable internet connection is readily available for every student outside of the classroom.

Providing academic success for all starts with a strong private LTE network connection.


At the very foundation of effective distance learning, is the assurance that every student has suitable internet access readily available to support all their schoolwork and homework assignments.

Unfortunately, the digital divide still exists, and many students do not have proper access to the internet - greatly compromising their academic success, and future achievements.

Ensure every student can access online learning programs from the safety of their own homes with Nitro™, the Motorola Solutions private LTE solution. This functional and cost-effective solution provides enterprise-grade private LTE as a wireless backhaul to your school’s network. Combine the simplicity of an easy installation without miles of cables, and heavy maintenance work in each student’s home, all with the added control of having complete ownership over your network.

Never rely on carriers or cellular service again and instead find the peace of mind that any student home can instantly be transformed into a classroom.

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VT100 Body-Worn Camera

A New Perspective When It Matters Most

The VT100 delivers a customizable and fully integrated enterprise mobile video solution. 720p HD video. Remote alarm activation. Customer-friendly design. Seamless integration with existing CCTV. The VT100 offers a new perspective when it matters most.

Record. Respond. Protect.

Creating a safe working environment is a top priority. Thanks to remote alarm activation, the VT100 empowers control room teams to respond swiftly when incidents occur. Protecting your people and promoting a safety-first culture.

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CP100d Series Portable Two-Way Radios

New CP100d Series Portable Two-Way Radios

The CP100d Series is easy to use and makes it easy to migrate from analog to digital. Your radio users can operate and communicate on their new digital radios on the job, as your business transitions to digital technology. Accessory compatibility ensures you can reuse your inventory of battery, antennas, and chargers, further protecting your investments.

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TK150 Mobile Nationwide Radio

New TK150 Mobile Nationwide Radio

Quickly deploy in your vehicle fleet. Combine the broad coverage of a nationwide cellular network with the ease of two-way radio communications.

Safely operate while driving, with one button push-to-talk. Manage talk groups and subscriptions in real time. Increase coverage, connections, and productivity without expanding infrastructure.

You can even use the TLK 150 with your current compatible MOTOTRBO™ systems, LMR and smartphones. There’s no costly or time-consuming FCC or spectrum licensing, or manual programming required.

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Best Practices Guide For Radio, Cleaning And Disinfecting

Best Practices

This "Best Practices Guide" describes the general procedures for cleaning and disinfecting two-way radios, wireless devices, body-worn cameras and accessories based on current and best understanding of radio hygiene. Per global health authorities, removing germs, dirt and impurities from surfaces lowers the risk of spreading infection. Using chemical disinfectants may kill germs that remain on surfaces after cleaning, which further lowers the risk of spreading infection.

Information from the WHO website:

Getting your workplace ready for COVID-19

Information from the US CDC website:

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)


  • Apply 0.5% detergent-water solution with a cloth, then use a stiff, non-metallic, short-bristled brush to work all loose dirt away from the device. Use a soft, absorbent, lintless cloth or tissue to remove the solution and dry the device.
  • Make sure that no solution remains entrapped near any connectors, cracks or crevices.


  • Devices may be disinfected by wiping them down with over-the-counter isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) with at least 70% alcohol concentration.
  • When cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, the alcohol should never be applied directly to the device. It should be applied to a cloth, which is then used to wipe down the device.
  • The effects of certain chemicals and their vapors can have detrimental effects on plastics and the metal plating.

Do not use bleach, solvents or cleaning sprays to cleanse or disinfect your device.

IMPORTANT We are unable to, and did not, determine whether any particular cleaning product is effective in removing specific foreign substances (including viruses) from the device, nor whether any disinfectant will remove all germs or viruses. Please consult the chemical manufacturers’ documentation for specifics on cleaning product efficacy with regards to foreign substances (such as viruses).

For more detailed information download the Motorola Solutions Technical Notification

Motorola Solutions Technical Notification (MTN-0038-20-GL)

MOTOTRBO Systems in Education

With Back-to-School Time quickly approaching, it’s important to understand what a MOTOTRBO Solution can do for your school. How can you keep students safer in the classroom, on the school bus and at after-school events? Unify your staff easily and seamlessly, working around the district or across campus? Make sure parents are in touch and your community in the loop? Two-way digital radio communication is the answer. It keeps staff connected, students secure and administrators, parents, and the public confident.

Versatile and powerful, MOTOTRBO is the ideal communication solution. Using digital technology, it combines the best of two-way radio functionality with expanded capabilities to meet your school’s communication needs. MOTOTRBO integrates voice and data seamlessly, offers enhanced features that are easy to use, and delivers safety-focused advantages like integrated Bluetooth®, GPS location tracking, and Intelligent Audio that automatically adjusts volume to address background noise.

Only MOTOTRBO lets you choose the right device for the right user, such as the remarkably scalable XPR™ 3500 portable, the XPR 5500 mobile for unrivaled voice and data communication, and the ultra-thin, ultra-light SL 7550 portable. MOTOTRBO can remaster your institution and the way people collaborate to help you achieve greater safety and cost-savings.

In addition to needing radios to communicate inside of the building, schools deal with the challenge of communicating with their buses as they transport students from point A to point B. This is where a MOTOTRBO system can help.

ComSource builds, operates, and owns its own MOTOTRBO statewide system called the MichiganTRBO network. This radio frequency network can allow systems to communicate both inside and outside of the school. Institutions are seeking our solutions, including GPS location tracking which monitors buses, manages routes and enables parents to log in and see where students are. We’ve created safer solutions for their staff, too – from emergency alarms that activate voice communication to hands-free accessories so drivers can communicate safely while operating the bus.

ComSource will supply the proper equipment to build your network digital radio solution. We also have the largest in-house service team in the state and around the clock support to ensure functionality in critical moments. With the rise in demand for school-safe solutions, put your institution in the hands of the experts. Find more about our MichiganTRBO network here.

For Immediate Release

June 2019

Making School Systems Safer with Two Way Radios

Fast, clear, communication is one of the simplest ways we can keep our schools and children safe in the event of an emergency. Two-way radios are becoming essential tools in modern institutions. Not only can they be used as an effective means of communicating between the staff inside of the school, but they can also be used to communicate beyond campus grounds during critical instances.

Which radio model is best? Small, handheld digital radios greatly assist in non-critical situations within each of the facilities, whereas mid-tier digital radios allow Supervisory Staff members to immediately communicate critical announcements to both inner and outer facilities.

For educational institutions, we recommend small form factor, handheld, digital radios equipped with emergency alert notification capabilities, which can contain either a unit ID # or alias name to the facility’s Supervisory staff. We specifically recommend the SL300, the XPR 3500, and the XPR 5550 models for schools due to their sleek designs and specific capabilities. Digital two-way radios provide greater coverage and offer additional feature sets that are not available on older Analog radios, including Radio Aliasing and Emergency Alerting.

Additionally, we recommend equipping any Supervisory personnel with the ability to transmit a district-wide announcement for facility lock downs, evacuations, or any other type of circumstance that the School District’s safety protocol deems appropriate. These digital radio systems allow for immediate notification to all associated staff of an identified issue or request for assistance—any event-related information or instructions can be sent to all individuals of authority instantaneously.

Once an optimized two-way radio system is in place, we also recommend installing a First Responder radio communication device at each of the School District’s facilities. This tool notifies affiliated Public Safety Dispatch Centers to send assistance to the exact location from which the message was sent. It will also allow them to continually communicate and receive updates from on-scene First Responders throughout an event.

Radios area proven, effective means of communication in critical situations. When lives are at stake, every minute counts, as was proven during an active-shooter instance at a Colorado school in May 2019.During the instance, police said having a direct line of communication to the school via radio saved them critical response time—and lives. It’s critical for schools to have a two-way radio system they can count on when emergencies arise. ComSource offers rapid radio solutions customized for each school system’s unique security needs, including fast, clear, legal communication, emergency alerts, camera systems, and a team of highly trained service technicians for support. For more information on two-way radios in school systems, contact us today!

ComSource, Inc. now a Panasonic Authorized Reseller Partner

Providing best in class surveillance for Metro Detroit Law Enforcement

Plymouth, MI: ComSource is now a Panasonic Authorized Reseller Partner offering Panasonic’s line of products that include Panasonic Toughbook® laptops, Panasonic Toughpad® tablets, Arbitrator 360o™ HD and Arbitrator® Body Worn Camera evidence collection system.

ComSource, Inc. is the leading provider of two-way radio and high speed wireless data equipment in Michigan since 1995 to local and state government, public safety, including police, fire and EMS.

ComSource believes that the future of public safety is having a unified surveillance system that is reliable, rugged and integrates seamlessly on the job. “By adding the Panasonic products to our portfolio we allow our customers more options when it comes to safety and communication,” said Daryl Jackson, Owner & CEO of ComSource.

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