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Deliver Actionable Intelligence Through License Plate Recognition (LPR) Systems

At ComSource we offer a variety of License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems that are purpose-built to fit your agency’s, community’s or business’ requirements. Whether you are scanning plates entering your parking facilities, using fixed camera applications to monitor busy roadways, or mobile scanning vehicle plates while in town or on the highway, each of our LPR technologies incorporates best-in-class optical character recognition (OCR) algorithms combined with application-specific software for an end-to-end solution.

Our LPR systems take photos of vehicles, capture license plate data and GPS coordinates, as well as the date and time. License plate detections trigger a real-time alert to improve situational awareness, search and analyze for investigative insight, and automate processes such as traffic enforcement or access control. The WatchGuard LPR solutions utilize a national database of more than 10 billion plate detections to provide real-time actionable intelligence.

WatchGuard 4RE Mobile ALPR

The WatchGuard 4RE Mobile ALPR solution increases patrol officer safety, proactively interrupts crimes, and delivers more leads.


  • 1280×720 HD Rotatable Turret Camera
  • Evidence Library 4 Web
  • LEARN Investigative Suite
  • Panoramic X2, Zero Sightline or Mini Zoom Camera
  • CarDetector Software
  • Cellular Network Connection

The complete solution includes the WatchGuard Panoramic X2, Zero Sightline or Mini Zoom Camera, 4RE in-car system, WatchGuard CarDetector Mobile (CDM) software, Vigilant LEARN database annual subscription and cellular connection to the cloud.

Solution Briefs:

WATCHGUARD Mobile ALPR Solution Brief

ReaperHD Mobile LPR Camera System

The ReaperHD Mobile LPR Camera provides instant awareness while on the road with a detection system that is deployable on virtually any vehicle and intuitive for any driver.
This deployable mobile system provides an additional layer of responsiveness by alerting users to “hot listed vehicles” as they pass on the road. High-definition, low-profile and compact, our ReaperHD LPR camera is designed to capture nearly 60 license plate scans per camera/per second for analysis, even in the most extreme environments. Within our fixed system, the ReaperHD can be positioned to watch for trends or specific types of offenses in critical areas.


  • Effective color and infrared license capture at speeds up to 150 mph (241 kph)
  • High-speed image processing – up to 60 images per second (color and infrared)
  • High-definition, low-profile, compact, dual-lens (color and infrared)
  • Enhanced night overview images
  • Outdoor rated, IP67, NEMA4
  • Single cable power-over-Ethernet installation
  • Full-featured and well-documented API


L5Q Quick Deploy LPR Camera System

The L5Q Quick Deploy LPR Camera System is an affordable and easy-to-deploy-anywhere license plate recognition system.

This complete solution, paired with appropriate plate search database, enables you to receive real-time alerts, conduct comprehensive searches, and leverage advanced analytics to uncover relevant data and operate more efficiently


  • Flexible power options – AC/DC or solar
  • Built-in cellular communications
  • Redeployable, all-in-one system design
  • Rugged construction – IP66 rated
  • Simple hot/shielded list management
  • Robust, real-time alerting options
  • Comprehensive search and reporting
  • Configurable data-retention settings
  • Advanced vehicle-location analytics
  • Dedicated parking-enforcement tools
  • Customer-managed data access and sharing

Learn More:

l5q quick deploy lpr system data sheet

L5F Fixed License Plate Recognition Camera System

The L5F Fixed LPR Camera System provides precision license plate scanning capabilities on high-volume, high-speed roadways. Paired with an appropriate plate search database, this solution enables you to receive real-time alerts, conduct comprehensive plate searches, and leverage advanced analytics and parking tools to uncover vehicle locations that ultimately protect communities and generate revenue.

It’s what you can do with the data that makes it so powerful. The L5F Fixed License Plate Recognition Camera System easily allows you to create and manage hot lists and receive instant notifications of detections. With configurable data-retention settings and comprehensive search and reporting, finding a vehicle of interest has never been easier.


Scan More Than Before
Capture your clearest plate detections yet, at greater distance, on your most high-volume, high-speed roadways.

Rely on Better Basics

Beyond ensuring you’ve captured the best data, we make management, alerting and searching straight-forward.

Do More with More Data

Use patented analytics, specialized tools, and easier data sharing and access to derive new, intelligent insights.

Learn More:

l5f_fixed lpr datasheet