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Dispatch consoles for all of your mission-critical needs, Avtec’s Scout solutions meet and exceed your unique integration requirements. As one of the leading Avtec integrators, ComSource’s team of certified engineers have successfully deployed and maintained consoles in some of the most demanding command and control centers nationwide

Avtec, Inc. provides Internet Protocol (IP) dispatch console solutions for the manufacturing, transportation, public safety, utility, business and government markets. For more than 30 years, customers have chosen Avtecs award-winning technology for their mission-critical dispatch centers.

Avtec became part of the Motorola Solutions family in March 2019. Now we can offer you more choices to meet the needs of your dispatch center.

Avtec consoles offer tight integration with all MOTOTRBO radio systems. In addition, Scout consoles also integrate with the other standards-based and proprietary radio solutions, broadband Push to Talk over Cellular (POC) systems, and telephony technologies you use every day giving you maximum flexibility to select the right technologies.

The portfolio includes:



Scout is a pure Internet Protocol (IP) communication platform based on open standards. It integrates with MOTOTRBO Connect Plus, Capacity Max, Linked Capacity Plus, Capacity Plus, and IP Site Connect radio systems.
Scout’s suite of console options addresses the needs of 24×7 dispatch operations, whether the dispatchers require a fixed location, the flexibility of a system that operates on a laptop, or the portability of an accessory that runs on a tablet or laptop over Wi-Fi or LTE network.


About Avtec Scout Enterprise: Proven, Trusted, Reliable

Avtec’s Scout Enterprise family of dispatch solutions is developed, built and supported in the U.S., and is deployed in some of the largest and most demanding command and control centers throughout North America. Based on a single-code base, Scout Enterprise is engineered to be highly customizable and easily scalable to meet changing operational requirements. Scout is backed by expert support and services through its ScoutCare® licensed, post-warranty software and support service program.


Scout EX

Avtec’s Scout EX is our most robust solution for conventional and trunked radio systems, telephony, and broadband/LTE technologies. Avtec’s flagship dispatch console, Scout EX is used by six major U.S. airlines, 70% of North America’s Class I railroads, 60 global utilities, and thousands of first responders.

  • Up to 50 Audio Streams
  • Up to 2,000 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching


Scout E8

Avtec’s Scout E8 gives your command centers maximum value for a minimal investment. Scout E8 integrates with leading radio, telephony, and broadband/LTE technologies. And because it is compatible with all Scout Enterprise products, customers can easily expand their system as their operations centers grow.

  • Up To 8 Audio Streams
  • Up To 8 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching


Scout E4

Avtec’s Scout E4 provides a cost-effective solution that is compatible with Scout EX and E8 consoles so you can add additional software licenses as needed. Like the entire Scout Enterprise family, Scout E4 dispatch consoles integrate with leading proprietary and standards-based radio, telephony, and broadband/LTE technologies.

  • Up To 4 Audio Streams
  • Up To 4 Channels
  • Fixed or Mobile Dispatching


Scout E1

Avtec’s Scout™ E1 console meets the needs of customers who need a scalable, reliable dispatching solution with a lower total cost of ownership. Connection to a variety of land mobile radio (LMR) platforms through standards-based protocols and proprietary systems as well as connectivity to broadband Push-to-Talk over Cellular (POC) technologies means your dispatch center is poised for optimal communications. Avtec’s Scout E1 dispatch console is a versatile and durable hardware device that saves space, needs minimal configuration, and is easy to install and use.

  • Up To 4 Channels
  • Maximum of 12 endpoints per system
  • Maximum of 8 consoles per system


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