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Protect and Serve with the Full Potential of Public Safety Technology

Public safety matters more than ever, from securing schools to fighting fires to protecting people and the places they love.

ComSource is dedicated to helping people and businesses alike feel safe and operate with security, thanks to the latest in public safety innovations for first responders, business owners, community leaders and more – supporting law enforcement teams statewide and nationwide with intelligent, secure communications and innovations as well as an integrated platform to keep teams safe and operations efficient.

We know every second counts when you need to share information seamlessly across multiple response teams and locations. Thanks to the latest in Motorola’s advanced ecosystem of mission-critical devices, you can reduce response time and accelerate decision-making while taking your technology to the next level and your operation to new heights with ComSource communication solutions. See all public Safety Solutions

Custom public safety services ensure:

  • Emergency calls are prioritized to get through no matter how busy the network
  • Voice quality and intelligibility is optimized to eliminate clipped or degraded audio, regardless of background noise
  • Voice messages are consistently delivered in the shortest possible times.
  • Dispatch performance is enhanced and bandwidth efficiency improved

Critical public safety solutions from ComSource include a full suite of state-of-the-art advances in providing information and instant communication:

Two-Way Radios:

From fire to law enforcement and more, our mission-critical two-way radios and accessories offer the most reliable communications possible for first responders. Motorola radios perform in the most extreme conditions, making sure every second counts.

ASTRO 25 is the leading Project (P25) standards-based system used by more than 11,000 agencies around the world. With uncompromising real-world performance and legendary reliability, ASTRO 25’s performance-driven capabilities help your team protect communities and secure emergency situations.

The APX P25 two-way radio redefines safety in communication, putting the right device in the hands of the right user. Every feature and function is designed with you in mind–from the rugged, easy-to-operate design to the loudest, clearest audio.

Body-Worn Cameras:

Protect yourself and the people you serve with the 3-in-1 body-worn camera combining the audio performance of an APX remote speaker mic, the utility of a wide-view camera and a rugged de-escalation screen prominently displaying its recording field of view with flashing red LED lights. Cameras seamlessly record and upload interviews and store evidence.

Broadband Push-to-Talk for Public Safety:

Connect instantaneously with every member of your team with real-time, secure voice and data. Emergency teams can use their own devices and networks to connect and protect.

Public Safety Software:

Our customized public safety software suites handle emergency calls of all types, seamlessly sharing details with dispatch software in a single workflow to keep first responders informed and alert.

NG9-1-1 Call Handling Software:

Emergency call handling from Motorola Solutions help you maximize the first critical minute when a call is received. Map all the information you need, instantly, for faster response.

Command & Control Software:

When speed and decisiveness are critical, command and control solutions from ComSource help you get the right information to the right responders, fast. Dispatchers can easily view resources, radio IDs and critical information in the heat of the moment.

Records Management:

Transition reporting and evidence storage from a time-consuming task to fast insights to decrease administrative time and effort. This first-of-its-kind consolidated records and evidence solution empowers productivity by creating and leveraging one complete foundation of knowledge.

License Plate Recognition:

Coordinated analytics simplify license plate recognition and investigations, which is why many agencies consider it a force multiplier and essential law enforcement platform.

Computer-Aided Dispatch:

Public safety relies on immediate access to the best information available. Saving time and lives, Computer-Aided Dispatch incident and resource management transforms public safety and dispatch operations by streamlining the capture, correlation and real-time distribution of mission-critical information for improved decision making and increased responder awareness and safety.

P25 Radio Dispatch Consoles:

Mobilize, inform, connect. Empower your dispatchers to coordinate faster and provide the intelligence necessary to support those in field and the community they serve. Relevant, real-time intelligence makes dispatch stronger and safer.