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Wide-Area Networks (WAN) & Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN)

As a leading distributor and integrator of wireless technology across the Midwest for more than twenty-five years, ComSource is well versed in designing and optimizing a variety of wireless frequency types to meet their enterprise and government customers requirements. From large scale deployments to small on-site installations, ComSource has supported some of the state’s largest automotive manufacturers, K-12 and higher education campuses, as well as utilities and county government facilities with their wide-area networks.

At ComSource we design, deploy and maintain custom wireless wide-area networks (WAN) and wireless local area networks (WLAN) that provide our customers with the very best wireless connectivity to meet the challenging needs of their enterprise. We achieve this level of performance by leveraging the industries best resources and end-to-end solutions to deliver optimal speed, security and reliability.

The landscape for both Government and Enterprise wide-area networks (WAN) and wireless local area networks (WLAN) is constantly evolving to meet the increased demand for secure mission critical, high-capacity, and high-performance network solutions. ComSource, partners with the industry’s leading wireless technology manufacturers, enabling innovative connectivity for fixed on premise, temporary locations, IoT, M2M and beyond.

We provide our customers with solutions that are custom-built to deliver the most robust and reliable networks possible.

Avoid unnecessary costs, deployment delays, and tedious learning curves by leveraging the experienced team at ComSource to engineer, install and maintain your wireless network. If you need robust wireless coverage and capacity, contact our signal experts who can collaborate with you on your options for your best solution.

Solutions Include:

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Deployment
  • Technical Support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA):


Point-To-Point and Point-To-Multi-Point Solutions

ComSource’s best-in-class Point-to-Point (PTP) and Point-To-Multi-Point (PTMP) Solutions from Cambium Networks, are field-tested, providing voice, video and data applications in some of the most extreme environments and weather conditions for our most discerning government and commercial enterprise customers.

These PTP backhaul solutions are FIPS 140-2 security approved for government and military applications, assuring customers across all enterprises with the security, durability and reliable performance you can depend upon.

Reliable Connectivity:

Our wireless PTP connectivity solutions are a cost-effective alternative to traditional carrier models when balancing your enterprise requirements with your network performance and budget.

Government and Enterprise Wireless Wi-Fi Networks require reliable and secure solutions to support the next generation of field support. Even with tightening budgets, our wireless PTP broadband solutions can meet the demand for diverse, scalable and high-capacity both indoor and outdoor wide-area point-to-point and point-to-multi-point solutions

At ComSource, we are frequently called upon to support campus environments, including hospitals, universities, high-schools and large business centers with multiple buildings. To meet their needs, we design PTP Networks to address high-bandwidth requirements for new applications that are becoming more prevalent such as video streaming, video conferencing, and video surveillance solutions, as well as traditional Wi-Fi and radio communications.

Solutions Include:

  • Preliminary Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • System Design
  • Deployment
  • Technical Support
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)

ComSource Provides Trusted End-To-End Solutions that Make a Difference.

WAVE PTX Mobile App

ComSource recognizes the need to streamline the number of wireless devices you need to carry to stay connected with your teams and work groups, no matter what your location. Now with the WAVE PTX Mobile App we can help you manage your business by accelerating the flow of information and enhancing your productivity with secure, instant team communication by connecting your mobile device to your enterprises’ digital two-way radio network.

By enabling your Android or iOS device with your carrier or Wi-Fi network, the WAVE PTX Mobile App allows you to connect with your two-way radio workgroups, whether they are on the manufacturing floor, in the distribution center, in the field on location, across town or across the country.

WAVE PTX Mobile App Offers:

Instant PTT Communication:

Provides the simplicity and speed of two-way radio communication on your existing phone or tablet.

Multi-Media Messaging:

Allows for quickly sending information via text, photo, video or file attachments.

Location and Mapping:

See your team on a map, share your location, find an address or set a meeting place.

WAVE PTX Mobile App Features:

Multiple PTT Call Types:

  • One-to-One or One-to-Many or Customize Your Group Call

Manage Contacts:

  • Add, Delete and Edit Contacts and Talk-Groups for Personal Preferences

Audible and Visual Alerts:

  • Receive and Send Alerts for Missed Calls or for Someone to Contact You

Real-Time Presence:

  • Recognize who is Available and Set Your Status: Available, Do Not Disturb or Offline

Talk-Group Scan with Priority:

  • Scan and Listen to Multiple Talk-Groups and Set Priorities

Communication History:

  • See Past Voice and Multi-Media Communications