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In today’s data-driven world, businesses require their Private LTE Wireless Networks to provide reliable critical voice -video-data data at optimum speeds so teams can do their jobs, better, smarter and faster. In response to the proliferation of data devices and increased demand for spectrum , the FCC identified the sparsely used Citizen Broadband Radio Spectrum for commercial wireless applications.

  • CBRS supports 5G technology
  • Spectrum access will be open and easy
  • Three tiers of spectrum ensure CBRS access
  • Designated spectrum will safeguard open access


CBRS, Citizen Broadband Radio Service or Band 48, is 150 MHz of recently released spectrum by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – ranging from 3550–3700 MHz – in the 3.5 GHz band now available for Private LTE broadband applications.

How Does CBRS Compare to Wi-Fi?

CBRS overcomes the limitations of traditional Wi-Fi networks for commercial applications because it’s two times faster and has four times the capacity, providing a much more efficient option for large commercial enterprises to support their end-to-end wireless voice-video-data solutions.

Is CBRS Accessible for Commercial Enterprises?

CBRS provides commercial broadband spectrum and significantly lowers the barrier to entry for business enterprises. Unlike previous systems, it does not require organizations to purchase spectrum, making it a much more cost-effective option for broadband coverage. Now, businesses can design their own coverage and customize their network to meet their unique requirements.

Does CBRS Really Offer 4X Capacity?

One of the most groundbreaking advancement of CBRS broadband spectrum is the ability to create reliable, secure and private LTE networks that support the expansion of wireless voice-video-data and IoT. These critical business components require uninterrupted broadband connectivity that optimizes data flow and usage and reduces latency.

Will the Carriers Dominate the Available CBRS Spectrum?

The path to 5G will certainly attract major telecoms carriers to CBRS. However, the FCC’s three-tiered-spectrum-sharing framework will help ensure access for general or commercial enterprises.

  • Incumbent Access Tier: Existing Department of Defense users/U.S. Navy radar
  • Priority Access Tier: Organizations that purchase a Priority Access License (PAL)

General Authorized Access Tier:

This third tier is available for general use.

This three-tiered framework is managed through a Spectrum Access System that works to protect higher-tier users from interference from lower tier users, while optimizing the efficient use of available spectrum for all users.

Is CBRS Cost-Effective?

Deploying a robust voice and data CBRS network is not a large capital investment. It is provided as a service where you pay a predictable monthly fee instead of an upfront capital expense.

What is Nitro?

Nitro is a CBRS platform from Motorola Solutions that represents the first fully managed CBRS solution that combines Private LTE data with business-critical voice. This on-premise solution supports large-scale operations with enterprise-grade private broadband.

What is MOTOTRBO® Nitro™?

MOTOTRBO Nitro is Motorola Solutions’ range of CBRS solutions that deliver a completely unified data, video and voice platform. As an authorized Platinum Motorola Solutions Partner, ComSource can design, install and maintain your customized MOTOTRBO® Nitro™ Network.

How Easy is MOTOTRBO® Nitro™ to Deploy?

Nitro is easy to deploy and practical to operate since its core is in the cloud. As a wireless-based technology, Nitro only requires minimal setup, management and required space. And because Nitro is a service, you’ll pay a predictable monthly fee and avoid a major upfront capital expense.

Nitro also provides up to four times the range of Wi-Fi, allowing you to access the network from virtually anywhere on-site, using far fewer access points—whether you are on the factory floor, at the loading dock or located in a remote area, you will experience enhanced connectivity and increased speed. With twice the capacity of Wi-Fi, Nitro also adds more devices and applications without being constrained by bandwidth or slow speeds.

Can Nitro Support Video Surveillance Solutions?

With more and more business-critical operations relying on video surveillance solutions, Nitro allows you to cut the cable. It supports your video security network with enterprise-grade private broadband and cableless connectivity and keeps your business ahead of the competition. Additional cameras can be added without the need to run cables, allowing your business to expand to places that would have proven too difficult or too costly to wire.

Download the Nitro with Avigilon Whitepaper

Who is Leveraging Nitro Today?

  • The adoption of Nitro across the country is expanding rapidly as both public and private enterprises look to leverage the benefits of CBRS Private LTE. Nitro is helping schools cross the digital divide for on-campus applications like video surveillance and access control, as well as supporting distant learning applications for remote students, faculty and administrators.
  • Nitro is connecting workers across manufacturing floors and providing secure and reliable connectivity for smart meters, real-time surveillance systems, IoT devices and worker safety monitoring sensors.
  • Nitro is supporting distribution facilities with end-to-end voice and data capture solutions and providing a secure and reliable platform that is enhancing productivity and allowing for a path forward.

Learn how ComSource and Nitro powered by CBRS can provide the Private LTE Network that enterprises are demanding for business-critical wireless data, voice and video needs.