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7 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS UPGRADE YOUR TEAMWORK SAFETY AND SECURITY KEEPING YOUR PLANT AND PEOPLE SAFE AND SECURE IS HARD – THERE ARE MORE DEVICES ON THE PLANT FLOOR, MORE CHANNELS TO COMMUNICATE THROUGH, AND MORE PRESSURES TO DELIVER THAN EVER. To keep up, your workforce communications will need to integrate with up-to-date, smart safety features. Here’s how to make that happen with industrial unified communications: 11. PERSONNEL SAFETY Today’s radios are integrated with features like “man down” and “lone worker.” It means radios can call for help when people can’t, and initiate emergency alerts if radios are inactive for longer than usual. 12. ALARM MANAGEMENT Alarm management apps enable your team members to respond rapidly, letting you monitor and remotely operate doors, gates, lights, sprinklers and more. 13. COVERAGE Today’s digital radios provide wider coverage than ever before, including underground areas where cellular networks can’t reach. 14. DURABILITY The latest digital radios have batteries designed to last a full shift. So your team members can rely on their radios to work whenever they need them. 15. HEAVY-DUTY HEADSETS Heavy-duty headsets offer protection against noisy environments while allowing your people to make and receive radio calls. They also give your people the freedom to use their radios without touching them, so their hands are free to manage other tasks more safely. IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE YOUR TEAMWORK People, not machines, are the real heart of your manufacturing operations. It’s people who adapt to evolving demands and prevailing trends. And the better-connected they are, the more effective they’ll be. That’s why it pays to empower your people with industrial unified communications, so they’re always doing their best work, even in moments when plant productivity, uptime, safety and security are on the line. Now – time to get the ball rolling. Two options: You can check out some of our other material on more specific solutions to your plant’s needs, or you can hit us up and get going right away. It’s up to you.