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5 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS UPGRADE YOUR TEAMWORK THE SOLUTION: BETTER CONNECTED PEOPLE YOUR PEOPLE ARE THE HEART OF YOUR MANUFACTURING OPERATIONS. EVERY DAY YOU RELY ON THEM TO: • Measure, grade and feed raw materials into your production machinery with precision. • Operate and monitor your sensitive production-line equipment. • Assemble products on your production line with the care they deserve. • Ensure finished goods get fed into the distribution network effectively. • Keep your plants secure and your people safe. • Ensure maximum uptime, all the time. Put together, it’s people who keep your plant operations up and running. YOUR MACHINES CAN’T DO IT ALL That’s why workforce communications really are the lifeline of your business. Technologies like two-way radios bring your people closer together, break down silos, increase worker visibility and safety, and ensure critical information gets through when it’s needed. They’re one of the biggest reasons your people are able to adapt to changing conditions and emerging trends. Which is why empowering your teams with industrial unified communications is one of the smartest moves you could make right now… TWO-WAY RADIOS: STILL THE FIRST CHOICE FOR MANUFACTURERS 45% of manufacturers use two-way radios more than any other plant-communication technology. 3 MOTOTRBO™ digital radios enable you to connect teams at any facility. That way, your production and engineering teams can connect directly with their counterparts at other locations. 4 3. 78ce0390a61d%7D_2017_Manufacturing_Survey_Report_Motorola_Solutions.pdf?elqTr ackId=acbaa6ff42084066baacb13c8bbf996a&elqaid=110&elqat=2 4. THE POWER OF INDUSTRIAL UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS Two-way communications have come a long way since the radios you bought a decade ago. Today’s digital systems combine hardware, software, radio and broadband technology to deliver seamless, instant communication and data access across the entire manufacturing plant. So you can connect your teams seamlessly, and reach everyone and everything in your facility, within seconds. It’s a cost-effective, quick-to-implement solution for meeting growing demands, while getting more out of your existing workforce and plant. There are 15 ways to empower your teams with industrial unified communications, and they fall under three core areas of manufacturing: • PRODUCTIVITY • UPTIME • SAFETY AND SECURITY We’ll go through each of them in this guide, so you’ll be ready to advance your team communications the second you’ve finished reading.