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4 877-5RADIOS WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM UPGRADE YOUR TEAMWORK 15 WAYS TO EMPOWER YOUR PEOPLE WITH INDUSTRIAL UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS MANUFACTURERS: THE PRESSURE’S ON. If you work in manufacturing, your teams will be feeling the pressure right now. Industry leaps like mass customization and trends like ‘just in time’ have inflated your customers’ expectations and driven up the competition, and as a result, your people are working harder than ever to keep up. The solution should be simple: invest in smarter machines, hire more people. But it’s easier said than done: Machines are expensive, skilled manufacturers are scarce, and expanding your operation is a huge, risky undertaking. So how do you meet growing demands without blowing up your costs (and your payroll)? THE RISE OF ‘SMART’ MANUFACTURING KEY DRIVERS OF MANUFACTURING COMPETITIVENESS TODAY: Smart Manufacturing is about leveraging information throughout the product lifecycle, with the goal of creating flexible manufacturing processes that respond rapidly to changes in demand. According to Gartner, while it’s encouraging that 91% of the participants in a 2018 survey on digitizing manufacturing operations are pursuing a smart manufacturing strategy, it is not a pursuit without hurdles. 1 It requires synchronizing everything (people, method, materials, machines, and information) to drive flow. 1. Gartner, May 7, 2018 “Harvest the Value of Smart Manufacturing in the Supply Chain, Not the Factory” Talent Cost containment Productivity Supplier network 2 1 2 3 4 2.