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3 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS A DECADE OF DELIVERING BETTER BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO line celebrates 10 years with new radio, repeater and enhanced capabilities. For more than 10 years, thousands of businesses looking for reliable and cost-effective digital radio systems have chosen Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO platform. MOTOTRBO enters its next decade in the U.S. with a new radio, repeater and enhanced software capabilities to connect employees like never before. MOTOTRBO uses secure, always-on land mobile radio (LMR) technology trusted by commercial customers everywhere. The millions of MOTOTRBO radios sold worldwide – combined with performance-boosting Capacity Max digital trunking – create the core of our Team Communications solution for any business. The latest MOTOTRBO offering, the SL3500e portable radio, blends sophistication with a discreet, slim design that’s ideal for work in professional settings. With a virtual keypad and display, the lightweight SL3500e makes it easy to navigate between functions and toggle between voice and data. The new SLR 1000 low-power repeater offers an ultra-flexible way to power MOTOTRBO radio networks by extending their range in a compact design. Built for indoor or outdoor settings, the repeater is easy to install and can scale up along with a company’s growing network. The latest MOTOTRBO software enables WAVE™ Work Group Communications software to be used directly on the radio over Wi-Fi. WAVE links any device across LMR and broadband networks and anchors the Team Communications package, letting MOTOTRBO radios use push-to-talk services with employees at desktop machines, mobile phones, tablets or any other communication device. WAVE-enabled communications let businesses get ahead of shop floor or management problems and keep key personnel in constant contact when needed. The MOTOTRBO platform also features one of the industry’s largest application developer programs with a wide variety of apps ranging from work order ticket management, GPS and location tracking, Bluetooth ® data, email gateways, dispatch, telephony and more. 10 YEARS OF MOTOTRBO