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3 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS QUALITY. VALUE. JUST RIGHT. Beginning January 1st, 2018, the very best of Vertex Standard’s precision-engineered portfolio will be rolled into Motorola Solutions’ industry-leading brand of communications solutions. What does this mean for current Vertex Standard users? You can expect to see your favorite models as part of a focused portfolio – finely tuned to include the best of the best, rebranded and supported by Motorola Solutions’ expanded network. The following rebranded Vertex Standard models joining the Motorola Solutions commercial radio product portfolio are: • VX-260 Series • VX-450 Series • VX-2100 and VX-2200 mobiles • EVX-261 and EVX-S24 When it comes to choosing a two-way radio for your team, you shouldn’t have to compromise. High-powered devices loaded with expensive features are great, but they can carry a hefty price. At the same time, some teams require more than just a basic, affordable two-way radio. Motorola Solutions’ radios deliver the essential capabilities your team needs and the value you demand. They also provide things you might not expect, such as dedicated, licensed communication and a wider coverage area. So whether your people are working in front of customers, out in the field, or on the factory floor, they can communicate more effectively and work more efficiently. All without breaking your budget. Start by minimizing distracting crosstalk in conversations by using licensed radios on a dedicated frequency. Expand your coverage across a campus or up multiple floors of a building. Experience proven audio quality so your employees are heard loud and clear. Rely on safety features that help keep workers protected in case of emergencies. And enjoy battery life that lasts an entire shift, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Whether you choose a Motorola Solutions’ digital radio or an analog series device, there’s one that’s perfect for your team. Motorola Commercial Series Radios. More than just essential, they’re just right. MOTOROLA COMMERCIAL SERIES RADIOS