Motorola Solutions Catalog

17 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS MOTOTRBO INFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURE Repeaters, controllers and gateways are the backbone of your MOTOTRBO two-way radio system. They ensure your radio network is available at all times and that communications are clear, reliable and secure across your enterprise. SLR 5000 SERIES REPEATER A next-generation DMR repeater, the SLR 5000 Series offers high performance, high efficiency and a design for the future. The product has a 50 W continuous-duty output and high sensitivity for optimum coverage, and high reliability and low power consumption for low cost of ownership. With a slim, modular design, the product is easy to install and service. SLR 8000 SERIES REPEATER Built on the slim next-generation repeater platform, this repeater supports up to 100 W continuous- duty operation, with high sensitivity for exceptional coverage. The modular design keeps reliability high while allowing for configurable options. XPR 8000 SERIES REPEATERS Maximize the performance of your MOTOTRBO system with the 40 W XPR 8000 Series repeaters. They utilize Dynamic Mixed Mode capability to ease migration by automatically switching between analog and digital mode. The XPR 8000 Series supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital mode, doubling capacity without adding new frequencies. CONNECT PLUS XRC 9100 CONTROLLER Deliver greater coverage and information to mobile teams. The XRC 9100 supports single and multi-site Connect Plus systems. Queue calls during busy times until an open channel is available and assign important users priority status when the system is in high demand. The XRC 9100 represents an evolution of the original XRC 9000 MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Controller, and is fully intercompatible with new and existing systems. CONNECT PLUS XRT 9100 GATEWAY Reach your large workforce efficiently. The XRT 9000 links Connect Plus with an IP-based wire-line console for centralized dispatch. The XRT 9100 represents an evolution of the original XRT 9000 MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Gateway, and is fully intercompatible with new and existing systems. CONNECT PLUS XRI 9100 INTERCONNECT GATEWAY With the MOTOTRBO Connect Plus Telephone Interconnect feature, you can connect your staff to people inside and outside your business, on their fixed or cellular phones. Handle customer queries directly, and manage inter-company transactions seamlessly. The MOTOTRBO Connect Plus XRI 9100 Interconnect Gateway improves your efficiency and responsiveness. CAPACITY MAX SYSTEM SERVER As part of the next-generation Capacity Max trunking solution, the System Server hosts control and management functions. Each server can support up to 100 voice/data talkpaths. Redundant servers can be provisioned to increase system resilience. WAVE SERVER Get robust and secure management of your client accounts. The WAVE Server provides the interface between public cellular networks and the MOTOTRBO radio network for secure centralized provisioning, flexible client management, call history, upgrades and diagnostics.