Motorola Solutions Catalog

11 WWW.COMSOURCEMI.COM 877-5RADIOS EVALUATING YOUR NEEDS MOTOTRBO™ TECH PANEL POWERFUL AUDIO Intelligent Audio, background noise cancellation and IMPRES™ audio allow you to hear and be heard more clearly, even in noisy environments. ADVANCED VOICE AND DATA Transmit Interrupt breaks into existing calls to ensure high priority messages get through. Devices also allow you to take advantage of text messaging and productivity applications. LOCATION TRACKING AND SAFETY Multi-constellation GNSS provides increased accuracy for location tracking of people and assets. Combined with features such as Lone Worker and Man Down, this significantly boosts safety. HIGH STAMINA IMPRES energy gives longer battery runtimes to cover a full shift and extends the lifetime of your battery to reduce replacement costs. INSTANT CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth connects devices quickly without the inconvenience of wires that can tangle or get in the way. ENHANCED USABILITY With programmable buttons and features like voice announcements and text-to-speech, workers can move through tasks faster. DESIGN CHOICE From slim and light to rugged and waterproof – match devices to workers and roles. MIGRATION & UPDATES Dual digital/analogue for easy migration and over-the-air programming for remote software updates maximizes the time devices are in productive use.