With hundreds of two-way radios and communication solutions on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and find a solution to your unique communication challenges. Motorola Solutions tailors every model and make to suit specific industries, budgets, and day-to-day requirements, but which is the best for your team?

Before you hop onto a call with a sales representative, come prepared with the right things to ask. Here are five of the best-asked questions to help narrow down your options and track down the right two-way radio solution for you.


It’s the question that everyone wants answered first and foremost: What is this solution going to cost? The right two-way radio provider will work hard to ensure that your communication setup doesn’t creep above budget. Depending on the capabilities of your desired product, as well as the number of units needed, the total cost will vary.

Motorola Solutions offers a diverse catalog of two-way radio products that suit a variety of budgets. Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving upon your existing infrastructure, Motorola dealers like ComSource are often able to offer powerful financing options, quarterly promotions, and more. To explore current deals, visit our promotions page.


Motorola two-way radios are individually configured to meet the required range of communication, depending on the size and scope of your operation. Whether you’re a small business, a community force, or a nationwide enterprise, there’s a radio solution available that can connect every single member of your team without interruption.

When searching for the solution that’s best for your business, make sure to check the specifications of your desired radio. Will it require WiFi to connect your entire team? How many channels can your network span? Understanding your team’s requirements when you come to a sales representative is imperative in helping you track down the perfect system.


Ensuring that your two-way radios integrate seamlessly with your existing communication and security technologies can save you time and money— and spare you headaches. It’s no longer enough to have a singular line of communication: Your team must use a diverse network of devices in order to operate effectively. That said, your two-way radio network should be able to accommodate a variety of devices in order to keep communication universal.

Interoperable communications allow for the transmission of data and messages from different devices and consoles. This allows your teams to connect seamlessly, regardless of whether they are calling in from a dedicated two-way radio, a smartphone, or a tablet. More and more devices from Motorola Solutions are interoperable by default— check with your sales rep to be sure this feature is available for your desired infrastructure.


Your team requires a device that can go where they go, no matter the circumstances. When searching for the right two-way radio, consider the environmental factors of your line of work. Industries such as public safety and construction call for rugged radios that can withstand the complications posed by their work environments.

If it’s a heavy-duty two-way radio you’re after, be sure to ask about Motorola Solutions models that have been tested for military-grade endurance. These ultra-rugged designs can handle extreme weather conditions, temperature fluctuations, fall damage, and unexpected accidents— keeping you from interrupted communication and costly repairs.


Whether you’re responding to a time-sensitive emergency, keeping tabs on daily operations, or scouting for valuable data, your two-way radio must be portable, functional, and easy to use. You don’t want to waste any of your time fidgeting with a device that’s clunky, unresponsive, or disruptive to your communication process.

Motorola Solutions offers a variety of two-way radio designs and sizes, optimizing sleek and comfortable casings that do not obstruct your focus or efficiency. For industries whose teams must access their radios at a moment’s notice, selecting a model that is comfortable to wear and operate should be a top priority. Before selecting your two-way radio model, request a demo to get a proper opportunity to test its functionality and feel.


Before you lock into a new purchase, ask away— your Motorola Solutions dealer will be happy to answer any and all questions you have regarding the best two-way radio for your business.

As a Motorola Premier Partner, ComSource has a dedicated team of experts available to guide you through your purchasing and installation process. If you are interested in a quote, or have any inquiries regarding a specific product line or model, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today.

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